17 September 2010

I Found Kedai Jual Alat Jahitan!

Salam Lebaran everyone!  On the day we went to Klang to get BBQ supplies, I found this shop and couldnt resist to go in:

TADAA! The Shop, located in Klang
See that sponge on top? Will be useful for craft projects I suppose :)

Tons of shoulder pads for baju kurung making :)

Velcro, tons of it too in black and white
I suppose this is the thing that they use to make the neck for baju kurung?
Mountains of zippers, long and short
Serger thread, at RM10 each ( so cheap!)
Chalk for making patterns
Misc items, tonnns of beads and whatnots

p/s: I need to rekindle the sewing skill first by doing handmade projects. Beginning with mending clothes. Bahh! Then, when my Love gets to see how determined I am, I could have a chance at having that sewing machine. :(

p/s/s: I might just buy  the sewing machine cash!

p/s/s/s: Photos taken by Nokia X6. I am glad that the pictures turned out beautifully online and transferring it was not a hassle at all! More pictures with X6 from now on!
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